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High Profile Projects

Due to our record of excellence, Spray Tech painting has had many opportunities to participate in various high-profile projects such as the LA Theme building and the Nokia Theater. Because areas such as these are on display for millions of visitors each year, those in charge looked to Spray Tech Painting as they knew the quality and effort put in would be second to none.

L.A. Theme Building

Spray Tech Painting was contracted to paint the Theme Building at the LAX airport in 2010. This structure had not been painted in over 15 years and was a massive project for any painting company to undertake. Upon completion Spray Tech Painting was given credit for there in the Jobsite Journal Magazine article shown below.

Gibson Amphitheatre

Originally named the Universal Amphitheater, it was built as a small arena for the Universal Studios Studio Tour for patrons to see a show. Eventually they realized they could use the empty arena at night as a location for rock concerts which would continue until it became its own stand-alone venue free from the tours. After years of hosting some of rock’s greatest artists, it was eventually co-owned by the Gibson Guitar Corporation and renamed into The Gibson Amphitheatre we know today. It was at this point that Spray Tech Painting was given the chance to be a part of history and was awarded the contract to paint the interiors of the 6,200-seat amphitheater. Our painters proceeded to carefully cover ALL the floors and ALL the seats for protection from overspray. With the aid of a swing stage scaffolding, we proceeded to spray a black dryfall paint which to coat the entire ceiling of the structure. The dryfall paint was chosen due to its property of turning into a dry dust if any is over sprayed to aid in keeping the floor and seats clean.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas is known around the world for its image of vitality and excitement, but the Excalibur Hotel and Casino found out that living up to the expectation in a brutal desert environment is far from a sure thing. Building managers for the Excalibur had been on a schedule of repainting the building’s brightly colored castle turrets with polyurethane every three or four years – at tremendous cost – in order to keep them vibrant under the intense Nevada sun. The architects hired for a 2005 renovation of the structure began looking for a contractor that was well versed in performance coatings that would provide color and gloss retention, and thus prolong the maintenance cycles for the turrets. Spray Tech Painting consulted on the coatings then were commissioned to apply the product they engineered. Epoxies and clear coat urethanes were used to extend the building’s repaint cycle by four to five times over that of the previous system, keeping the Excalibur up to Vegas’ high standards all while saving the owner money. Project Name: Excalibur Hotel & Casino Project Location: Las Vegas, NV Contractor: Veldon Simpson Architect Owner: MGM Mirage

The Getty Center

Rising dramatically from the mountains of southern California, the Getty Museum at the Getty Center is one of Spray Tech Painting greatest accomplishments. Designed by Richard Meier, the coatings and extreme attention to detail was not only expected but demanded by all the finish trades. Completed in May 1997 no expense was spared on this project. All the expensive cultured stone was trusted to Spray Tech to seal and waterproof. One mistake in the moisture reading or application procedure could have made the coating cloud up and destroy the natural beauty of the stone. The nearby parking garage, constructed of poured-in-place concrete, was primed and painted using more the 10,000 gallons of paint. In the end, Spray Tech Painting’s combination of beauty and protection was the final choice for this work of art.

Nokia Theater

The Nokia Theatre was built as part of the L.A. Live complex in Los Angeles as the main attraction. Seating 7,100 patrons, the theatre would go on to host live music concerts, cultural events, and various award shows for multiple industries such as the American Music Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and The Game Awards among many others. Spray Tech Painting was awarded the contract to paint the interior and exterior of the new structure, and as time progressed were also given the opportunity to paint the entire complex from the exteriors of all the shops and all public accessible areas to give the plaza a face lift to match the brand-new building.

Sierra Towers

Originally built in 1966, the Sierra Towers was built to be the highest residential building in the greater Los Angeles area at 31 stories tall. Although the name stuck, the Sierra Towers is in fact a single tower where the original plans had a second tower in the works that was never started. Over the span of its life, the tower has been home to numerous celebrities raising it value more and more as time went on. When the owners of the tower decided it was time to redo the exterior, Spray Tech Painting was given the job. Our painters worked tirelessly with the use of a swing stage to sand blast the entire exterior of the building to clean and remove the previous layer of paint before spraying a new layer to give the building a fresh look.

New York, New York Casino

The New York New York Casino and Hotel is a world-famous resort seeing foot traffic pushing far into the millions every year since its opening in 1997. Just a few years after opening, the owners decided it was already time for a paint refresh and eventually called upon the aid of Spray Tech Painting. Spray Tech Painting was given the monumental task of painting the 16-acre plot. Although the hotel was set up as a single building, the exterior’s famous replica of the New York City skyline required a multitude of colors to replicate the façade. The Challenges continued throughout the interior, as different parts of the hotel were engineered to replicate the skyscraper that was represented in the exterior. The interior of the casino area was similarly engineered to mimic the streets of New York City and required an astute attention to detail for each “building’s” exterior.

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