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Military Projects

Spray Tech Painting has been contacted time and time again to participate in projects for the United States Government.

Air Force Base

When the U.S. government decided it was time to renovate their Edwards office for the Army Corps of Engineers, they entrusted Spray Tech Painting to provide and apply the appropriate painting system that was both vibrant and tough. The Army Corps of engineers are the civilian and enlisted individuals who help our armed forces with logistics, designing and testing new equipment, and construction projects.

Port Hueneme

Spray Tech Painting was given the honor of painting housing quarters and barracks facilities in and around the Port Hueneme facility. We had the know-how and finesse to transition from painting large buildings like the barracks to smaller projects like the smaller houses in the vicinity.

Naval Base Ventura County

When the U.S. Navy needed a paint job for its new flight simulation room at their base in Point Mugu, the asked Spray Tech Painting to do the job. And we delivered! Such an important facility needs a strong paint system for the numerous tests and training sessions that will be conducted now and into the future.

Fort Irwin
National Training Center

The purpose of the air crew survival training center at the Fort Irwin Military base in California is to train soldiers and air crew for water rescue and survival in crashes into water. When a high performance solution was needed for a difficult environment, we “Value Engineered” a two part epoxy to protect the overhead deck at the training center. The exterior salt water tanks were sand blasted and coated with a stage 2 urethane. The United States Government!!!! They have the resources to choose from any contractor in the world, but time after time they choose Spray Tech Painting. Service & Quality, The ability to bond up to 10 million dollars, Knowledge of specialty coatings and Large Intelligent crews are some of the reasons why the biggest most powerful organization in the world chooses Spray Tech Painting.

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