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Industrial Projects

Spray Tech Painting has both the resources and the ability to meet the needs of any given project. No space is too large or too high, we take pride in our ability to overcome each and every challenge presented to us.

Morton Manufacturing

Morton Manufacturing is a local company that never shuts down. They are open 24/7/365. When they needed to paint the exterior of their 75,000 square foot building they knew it would have to be done during operation hours so they chose Spray Tech Painting. Experience counts when you have to work under extreme circumstances. Weekends and nights are always available at Spray Tech Painting to get the job done.

Proctor and Gamble
Manufacturing Facility

Spray Tech Painting was selected to provide the coatings for a new Proctor & Gamble paper products distribution facility in Oxnard, CA located northwest of Los Angeles. The 710,000 sq. ft. facility features a textured coating system on the exterior with a 3 color scheme. Making the line straight when using a heavy texture can be difficult but Spray Tech was up for the challenge. There was a time of the essence clause that was implemented into the contact and the job was accelerated and HAD to be complete from ground breaking to turn over in only SIX MONTHS!!!!. Spray Tech had the man power to bring the job in on time and under budget.

Arrowhead Distribution Center

When Arrowhead Water built their new 650,000 addition to their existing facility, engineers for the project capped off the facility’s new interior floors and walls with protective coating systems. “They wanted coatings that could stand up to the thermal shock from hot water wash downs with aggressive detergents.” “And because the area was attached to the main building that operated 24/7, there couldn’t be any odor from the coatings.” Approximately 45,000 square feet of poured concrete floor surface was aggressively abraded in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6 Surface Preparation of Concrete. “The facility’s managers could not believe how durable the floor was when they started rolling in equipment on the heavy beams and welding it into place,” “None of the welding sparks did any damage to the floor in any way. The owner was pleasantly surprised at how well it held up.” The exterior coating was an elastomeric coating with a 10 year warranty and the inside was coated with high performance epoxies using many OSHA approved colors.

Frito-Lay Distribution Center

Spray Tech Painting was awarded the contract by the world-renowned chip manufacturer Frito-Lay to paint one of their many distribution centers in California. With great precision, Spray Tech Painting gave a two-tone coat of paint to the exterior of the facility, with a fine line dividing the 2 colors of paint, creating a clean stripe across the outer perimeter of the building. The interior ceiling was painted with white dryfall paint, and a layer of elastomeric paint was placed onto the roof to keep the water out of the facility.

VF Outdoor Coalition Distribution Center

When the company behind many brands such as Vans, Dickies, Timberlands, Jansport, and many others decided to build a new distribution center to handle their West coast operations, Spray Tech Painting was called upon for the work. For a building with a massive 817,000 square footage, Spray Tech had some work to put in. Employing several lifts and hundreds of gallons of dryfall paint, we coated the entire ceiling in time for operations to begin for center. The exterior was also given a fresh coat using the same lifts from the interior.

UPS Distribution Center

The United Parcel Service is the largest shipping company in the United States, as such they are always expanding and enhancing their delivery infrastructure with the addition of both new and expanded distribution centers around the country. Spray Tech Painting was awarded the ability to work with one of their distribution centers in La Mirada California. We were contracted to paint the entire facility without disrupting the flow of their daily operations, painting the entire interior, and painting the roof with elastomeric paint to ensure waterproofing. We were also tasked with painting the stripes all across the parking areas which requires both precision and awareness of the entire lots for proper placement of all the marking to be found around the facility.

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