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Medical Projects

Spray Tech Painting provides a fantastic service with a level of quality and durability that is second to none. Due to this, we have received multiple contracts with hospitals whose high standards demand a level of precision and cleanliness that many companies are unable to accommodate.

Sherman Oaks Hospital

Planners of a major remodeling project, Sherman Oaks Hospital, didn’t kid around when it came to choosing a painting contractor. More than 6,500 gallons of paint was applied on the inside and outside of a fully operational hospital taking into consideration: low odor emissions, patient care and meeting the high standards of O.S.H.P.O.D. The hospital’s concrete helicopter landing pad was also recoated with a flexible membrane system installed by Spray Tech Painting. “The color of the landing pad was light gray and the striping for the helicopter emblems and landing pad was red,” “There are specific standards required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that have to be followed, so we precisely matched those colors.”

The Grossman Burn Center

The Grossman Burn Center is a renown intensive care unit for patients with intensive burns. They wanted a company who was just as intensive in their painting abilities and chose Spray Tech Painting for the project. The project consisted primarily of ensuring the roof was painted according to FAA guidelines for its concrete helipad and laying an elastomeric coating across the whole roof to ensure waterproofing. A uniform coat was applied to the exterior of the facility as well. For the interior we were tasked with laying a new epoxy floor for the aged intensive care unit. The occupants were excited to see brand new shiny floor without any indentations from years of wear.

Valley Presbyterian Hospital

After being awarded the contract for painting the and repairing the exterior, Spray Tech Painting got right on to analyzing the situation. Since the project had the distinctive large cylindrical tower for inpatients, we needed to get our painters up there. We called on some engineers and worked hand in hand with them to get scaffolding up the entire tower and got to work repairing the exterior, filling in cracks and crannies, resealing all the windows for water proofing and finally our coats of paint.

St. Joseph's Hospital

Spray Tech Painting applied a fiber-reinforced coatings system to the walls & floors of the surgery rooms at Saint Joseph to provide a long-term shield against the plant’s aggressive, corrosive airborne acid and chemical sterilization procedures. In 2009, Hospital’s Engineer Greg Hall was worried that the old Glidwall System protecting the surgery room walls had completely failed. He called on Mike Rego with Spray Tech Painting, the facilities' long-time Painting Contractor, who had an understanding of the coatings' challenge- walls and floors are regularly scrubbed with a 50-50 solution of Clorox and water heated to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. After exhausting many options, Rego decided to go with Tnemec’s StrataShield floor and wall coatings product line. Our crew roller-applied Series 201 Epoxoprime, the polyamine epoxy primer, to the lab walls. They then spray-applied the fiberglass reinforced Series 270 Stranlok, which has a curing time of only six hours. The walls were then sanded and sealed with Series 475 Triton, a waterborne acrylic polyurethane. Once the walls were finished, we coated the floors with Series 237 Power-Tread, an aggregate-filled modified polyamine epoxy. Finally, all the floors were topcoated with Series 280 Tneme-Glaze. “When it comes to SUPER high end coating systems Spray Tech Painting is the absolute best! We will never use another painting contractor as long as they’re still around.” -Greg Hall

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