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Residential Interior

As a professional commercial painting company, Spray Tech Painting has extensive knowledge in all forms of interior paint application. As such, we happily make use of this knowledge when handling residential properties helping us to create a product that is far above the competition.

Bottini Residence
Water Damage Repair

Mike and Amy Bottoni’s house was an insurance job where we moved all the furniture out of the house. We had to do extensive water damage repairs before we even thought about opening a can of paint. Mike works for the studios and Amy is an Interior Designer and the demands on the finishes were GREAT. Not only did Spray Tech meet the demands we added another client to our already extensive list who we do work for. Since completing their home, Amy’s design company has used us on 6 other high end projects.

Caruso Residence
New Construction Project

"Spray Tech Painting completed our DREAM.  My Wife and I retired 2 years ago and our dream was to build our own house. Well after many long years of planning, designing, permits, and then the building process, our dream was complete, except for paint and flooring. After many interviews and research we hired Spray Tech Painting (they seemed like the logical choice) to help complete our home. To make a long story short...The office staff was a 10. Knowledge of their craft 10. Our finishes were FLAWLESS and their price WAS the lowest, dreams DO come true.  And to top it all off they recommended a flooring contractor to us that was wonderful as well. The only mistake you can make with Spray Tech is to NOT choose them." Sincerely,  Frank & Angie Caruso

Jenson Residence
$6 Million Home

Whether it's a $6 million dollar home like the Jenson residence or an economy rental paint job, the bottom line is that SPRAY TECH PAINTING performs!

Wagner Residence
Custom Color Interior

"My wife has very eccentric taste and loves bold vibrant colors.  Painters in the past have never made her happy because the technique used to match her colors was never quite right.  When we bought our second house (an older house built in the 1940's in the Hollywood Hills) she wanted it to be perfect.  Spray Tech came highly recommended.  Not only did the colors match, they looked like the fabric was poured onto the walls: it was Perfect.. When we asked how they did it they replied, "Experience, the paint store computers get it close but our seasoned craftsman make it perfect."  We were both blown away.  Not only were the colors perfect they made our 50 year old plaster wall look brand new.  You guys are ELITE  painters -  head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks again for an incredible experience!" -Paul And Laurie Wagner

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